Dating by the light…

Dating by the light..of a burning bridge

One cannot be single for a significant number of years and not have experienced dates spawned no doubt from some weird alter universe.  Well that may be exaggerating just a bit.  But oh my, where do they come from?

One chap whose given name will not be used, but who I called Eyore for reasons soon to be made obvious, I met on a dating site.  After the initial on line chats he suggested we meet for coffee.  I agreed and we set a Saturday afternoon for our first, and what became our last encounter.

Now I think the folk who work at every Williams, Second Cup,Starbucks and yes even “Timmies” suddenly have the most fun jobs in existence.  Internet dating and the perfunctory first meeting have made these centers the place to be.  Take the time to grab that cup of java, find somewhere to sit where you can observe the going on.  Best entertainment ever.  But I digress, and the whole subject is worthy of it’s own blog.

So as my car pulls up I notice a gent watching me as he is walking by.  Putting on my best smile I say, Hi Eyore.  Well I really called him by his proper name.  Now I knew from our previous communication that he was divorced, lived the other side of TO and moved to my city to be closer to his adult children.  He did not really smile, but looked like he might be trying and somehow he found that painful.  As we walked into the shop I asked him how long he had lived in my city.  He replied that it had been three months and moved because his children lived here. 

He really should have taken some first date lessons. Any way his tale was filled with heartbreak and sorrow about the divorce and the huge cost that went with it.  And I swear his voice was exactly like Eyore’s – exactly.  As I listened my first thought was that this guy was not ready to date anyone yet.  Except maybe a therapist.  However, my heart did reach out to him.  Expecting the answer to be three months, he stunned me when he groaned out, “1989”.  I was shocked.  Stunned even.  I sat back in my booth, looked at him for a full sixty seconds trying to frame an appropriate response, when suddenly I knew I would have to be honest with this fractured soul.  My voice low and even, “Are you saying that for every day for twenty-one years you have moaned and groaned and been in angst over this?
“Oh yes” he replied, “and it cost me a ton of money.  And it broke my heart.”
“You do realize there are lots of people who have been through worse?” I leveled at him.
But. he would not, could not believe it.  He honestly did try to smile a couple of times and it looked hideously painful.

Coffee ended and he walked me to my car saying he wanted to see me again.  I mumbled, gave him a quick hug goodbye before he could lunge  for a kiss.  By the time I got home he had messaged me saying he could hardly wait to see me again and I was a spectacular woman.  Right I thought..and your negativity would suck every joy out of my life.  I never answered which begs the question, should I have told him the truth?
That was one of my first attempts in meeting someone my age.  Sheesh!